What we stand for


What to expect?

Youth Improvement Services will:

  • Assist youth who are experiencing homelessness through our Emergency Bridge Housing Program.  Each youth between the ages of 18 and 24 will have access to life skills training, financial literacy training, employment counseling, placement assistance, leadership training and service learning opportunities.

  • Provide case management and resource navigation to youth remotely. YIS does not have full-time staff or a physical location at the moment. Youth are provided with resources for temporary housing at a motel, while we work with them to attain self-sufficiency


Core Values

  • SAFETY: Safety is always the first priority. All persons must feel emotionally and physically safe.

  • QUALITY SERVICE:  Only the best is good enough.

  • DIVERSITY, INCLUSION & ACCEPTANCE:  Everyone is included and respected. 

  • TRANSPARENCY:  We are open and honest in everything we do. 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Everyone is responsible for their actions.

  • CONTINUOUS GROWTH:  We learn and improve every day.


Program Summary

Youth Improvement Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing safe and stable housing, life skills training and career readiness training to  18 to 24 year old young adults. 


YIS Background

Youth Improvement Services was created in direct response to the social justice issues that result in youth homelessness, housing instability, youth crime and hopelessness. We offer at-risk youth the opportunity to make a dramatic change in their lives. Our trauma-informed programs are positioned to be most accessible to young people who otherwise would be swept into the criminal justice system or be affected by chronic homelessness due to a lack of opportunities. 


Ultimate Goal

To identify youth who are going to need assistance with transitioning to adulthood, then provide a positive support system to avoid pitfalls that can derail their lives. YIS provides mentors that serve as developmental role models for young people looking for direction.