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Youth Improvement Services Selected as Hillsborough County's NonProfit Safety Net Grant Recipient

Youth Improvement Services is a community-based organization providing resources and navigation services for stable housing, life skills training and career readiness training to at-risk and homeless youth. We use a web-based service model to provide assistance to at-risk youth and other disadvantaged individuals in need of services to help them become employable and to live independently. With help from our community of sponsors and supporters, we have been able to provide 672 Nights of safe shelter provided to youth experiencing homelessness.

Youth who are experiencing homelessness make up one of the most vulnerable populations in the state of Florida. On any given night in 2019, 1,452 youth experienced homelessness in Florida. Our Ultimate Goal is to identify youth who are going to need assistance with transitioning to adulthood, then provide a positive support system to avoid pitfalls that can derail their lives. Our housing program provides safe accommodation, life skills training, career readiness training and financial literacy training, empowering youth to improve their well-being and economic mobility.

We are extremely proud to have been selected as a grant recipient in Hillsborough County's American Rescue Plan (ARP) Nonprofit Safety Net Program. Established by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners in partnership with Community Foundation Tampa Bay, the program provides federal ARP funds to qualified nonprofits financially affected by the pandemic. Because of this opportunity, we are able to support young people who are experiencing homelessness and empower them to live independently. Let's work together to uplift the next generation!!

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